About Banktivist.com

Banktivist.com is a Web page supported by Pan American Bank for the purpose of using Pan American Bank as an example of Banktivism in action.  Pan American Bank does not claim to be the first, the only, nor the best example of Banktivism.  Pan American Bank merely wishes to support a platform that elevates the discussion by citing specific examples of Banktivism and encouraging others to document their examples on social media at the Banktivist Facebook page.

Under the Pan American Bank tab you will find some examples of Banktivism.  These examples document the spirit of Banktivism.  Consistent with the definition of Banktivisim, these activities are conducted not as part of a required or coerced program, but rather as the result of a mission and culture that seeks to use banking as the platform for community improvement and development.

As for-profit organizations, banks must earn profits to provide a fair return on investment to maintain interest among investors,  the means to pay living wages to employees, and, the means to operate effectively and efficiently in an extremely competitive and heavily regulated environment.

Established in 1964, Pan American Bank is California’s oldest Latino-owned bank and the second-oldest Latino-owned bank in the United States. Pan American Bank is also certified by the U.S. Treasury as a Community Development Financial Institution (“CDFI”). Headquartered in East Los Angeles, Pan American Bank has served the needs of the under-served Latino communities in Los Angeles and Orange counties for nearly a half-century. Founded by the first Latina United States Treasurer, Romana Acosta Banuelos, the Bank has stayed true to its mission of transforming and empowering Latino communities through banking relationships built on trust, service, respect, communication, and guidance.

The views expressed on the Banktivist Facebook page are not necessarily the views of Pan American Bank management, directors, shareholders, or other stakeholders.  The views expressed on the Banktitivist Facebook page are those of its authors and content creators.